Monday, July 8, 2013

4 Months

Can you believe the babies are four months old already!

We have had such a busy month and a half with graduation then moving back to Alabama that I just realized today that I never even posted a 3 month update! And although we've been without a computer for over a month, I just thought today to search for a blogger app which, as it turns out, exists--yea! So here I am trying it out for the first time. 

So Brooklyn and Braelyn were four months on June 26. Just last night Jackie and I happened upon some newborn pictures of them and were amazed at how they have grown and changed! Braelyn still has Brooklyn beat in the size department (no clue how much they weigh since we skipped the four month checkup) but Brooklyn seems to stay just a tad bit ahead of Braelyn developmentally. She is quite alert and smiley and I swear, it sounds exactly like she says mama when she cries. Jackie thinks its a coincidence but I'm totally claiming it. Brooklyn has given up sleeping so well at night and now wakes fairly frequently to nurse which may be associated with a growth spurt. She always goes happily back to sleep though and wakes up grinning in the morning, though, and that is the most important part for me! Brooklyn laughed for the first time recently. She had been giving Keeleigh a few chuckles, and then on June 17 she laughed BIG at her silly daddy! 

Braelyn continues to sleep very little. She is definitely my high needs baby! She really, really hates the carseat and SCREAMS bloody murder in it which did not make for a fun 12 hour move here. I am definitely thinking about following a friend's lead and investing in a set of ear plugs for the car! Braelyn mainly just wants to be held, and I am (almost) always happy to oblige her. Her little body seems to be made just right for cuddling. Her skin is still the softest I've ever felt. And although I haven't gotten a laugh out of her yet, she has the biggest smiles! Braelyn's favorite game right now is pat a cake, and I'm so happy that she's finally reaching for the toys dangling on the bouncy seat. 

As always I am finding true the saying, "In parenthood, the nights are long but the years are short." This stage is definitely a challenge, and we have rough days and long nights, but I am beginning to feel like  a veteran mom who knows that we will soon trade in these trials for new ones--such is life. The trick is to let them make you better instead of bitter. = )

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