Friday, July 26, 2013

VBS 2013

What a week we've had! Sunday was the first day of Vacation Bible School at our home church, Nazareth, and it was actually the little kids very first Bible School ever. It had just never worked out for us to go while we were in New Orleans so I was excited for them to experience something new. 

Jackie even got the opportunity to teach the adult class so I, too, got to experience something new--being an adult student. That turned out simply wonderfully. I know what it's like teaching a VBS class--a lot of work goes into it before the week even begins and each night you go home exhilarated but exhausted. It's all worth it or the organizers and teachers and other volunteers, however, because you get the wonderful opportunity to minister to children. So I, as the mom, did not expect to be ministered to this week but that is exactly what happened. 

Each night I got to drop my kids off with loving, caring adults then eat a free meal that I didn't have to cook! After that I went to class and conversed--uninterrupted--with adults. I don't think anyone said the word poop or booger all week! Then we all went home and the kids fell into bed exhausted. Yes, it was a little bit awesome. 

I loved getting to go to the adult class not only because I got to be with my husband but also because there were several older, wiser (hilariously funny) people in there who shared their experiences and insights. I just found them all to be so inspirational. 

It was also nice hearing the teachers praise my children. Of course sweet little Piper was doted on, and I literally LOL'd when one of Ryland's teachers remarked that he was "such a happy little boy, but very active." That he is, lady. 

Tonight was commencement night, and I could've been happier sitting in that church I've always loved listening to sweet little voices sing, seeing their cotton candy-stained smiles, and hearing their laughter on the bounce houses. What delightful memories we'll always have of this week! Thank you, Nazareth Baptist Church!

(Photo credit: I swiped a majority of these pics from Nazareth's Facebook page! So glad they had a few photogs out and about!)

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