Saturday, July 20, 2013

One Man's Trash

As a flea market junkie I know that the old saying is true: one man's trash is another man's treasure. This especially seems to be true with my children. Of course they love cardboard boxes just as many other children do, but they also hoard all sorts of other things most moms would chunk in the trash. Case in point: this trophy.

Yes, Jackie "won" it back in 1984. Okay, actually one was just awarded to all the players after a losing season. But he held onto it, and last year the boys found it at their Uncle Doug's house. They were enthralled with the idea of a REAL trophy and wanted to take it home. I figured they would forget about it at the bottom of their toy box and that I would eventually get rid of it but no. They have played with that thing more than many of their toys! 

One day back in NOLA, Jathan brought it downstairs to the playground. He and his friends raced their bikes and scooters along the sidewalk, each time awarding the winner with temporary custody of the trophy. 

Most recently the trophy has found it's way to our dinner table. It has become the clean plate award--first to finish his or her food is the winner! (Don't worry we purposely serve small portions and offer seconds; we're not forcing too much food on the kids!) As it turns out competition can be a beautiful thing. And I must admit, I love that our children play so creatively.

I'm now sure the trophy will be here to stay perhaps even handed down to the next generation of Combs maniacs. 

Is there anything odd that your children have loved playing with?

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