Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Social Media in our Marriage

So I'm not too sure how I feel about Jackie being back on Facebook after a long hiatus. After all what are we to talk about?! It used to be that I had Facebook and he had Twitter, and we would swap stories in the evening. I would share the personal stuff like who was having babies and what they had for lunch; he would fill me in on world news and sports. Suppertime was like our very own quaint little newscast! After graduation, however, he decided Facebook would make it easier to stay in touch with faraway friends, friends we share. So now our conversations all start, "Did you see so-in-so's post?" And end, "Yeah, saw that one." 

Of course I still get to hear what's on Twitter, but he doesn't care about Pinterest, so what in the world am I supposed to bring to the table?!

What does the conversation generally revolve around between you and your spouse?

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