Wednesday, March 16, 2011

28 Week Ultrasound

We were blessed with the opportunity to see our baby via ultrasound today! I will be 28 weeks pregnant tomorrow and because I've experienced pre-eclampsia in each of my previous pregnancies resulting in premature, induced births they are monitoring the baby for signs of growth restriction.

Everything looked good today, though. The baby weighed 2 pounds, 13 ounces ( slightly more than the 2 1/4 pounds Baby Center says most babies weigh at this stage--a good thing!). Unfortunately she was facing my back laying on her tummy so we didn't get to see her face but the ultrasound technician did point out her kidneys and her small, round stomach which is just amazing to me because I feel like we kind of think about "fetuses" as abstract little creatures. But that was a reminder that God doesn't think of us that way...He knows us even before we're born and that His Hand is involved in the formation of not only the sweet, soft, cuddly parts but also the microscopic and unseen parts in ways we cannot even fathom. Her heart beats, her kidney's function, her bones can clearly be seen, and if need be her lungs could breathe--she is already fearfully and wonderfully made.

Here are a couple of pictures from our ultrasound. In this one you can see her head (facing down towards my back) on the left and her Expertly-crafted backbone arching over the top of the screen.

And here's a picture of her tiny leg...thigh is on the right side then her knee bends and her foot stretches up to the top.

We have about 12 more weeks until my due date and I'm prayerful that this pregnancy will continue to be healthy and will end up being full term. I swear not to complain a bit if I go 42 weeks (not OUT LOUD anyway, ha ha!). So far my blood pressure has been great. The nurse said it was practically perfect today. I've had none of the other usual symptoms and my blood work and urine analysis should be in by this Friday so that will be good information to have.

I would greatly appreciate your prayers for myself and my little one!

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