Monday, March 7, 2011

Preschooling Lately

Here are some ideas I had for preschool in case you're looking for fun learning opportunities...

Jathan and I have been learning through the life of Christ this year. We started with Christmas (all sorts of possibilities there!), of course, then did some King's Day projects (we made a shape and color crown). We talked about John the Baptist and his locust and honey-eating ways and how he wore camel's hair "just so happened" that Jathan got a camel toy later that very day! This past week we read the story of the first disciples and the miracle of the filled fishing nets.

I up-cycled an orange bag that I'd saved into a fishing net which Jathan filled with fish from the Dollar Tree. We acted our our Bible story with the fish, "net", and a toy boat and man that Jathan already had then we counted how many fish we'd caught using his counting chart. We also talked opposites--the net was empty and then it was SO FULL! Opposite is something we've needed to work on because he hasn't understood it very well using worksheets. This was a great opportunity to do so!

I had also picked up a small storage box and some sponges at the Dollar Tree (Total cost for this reusable project was $4!). I filled the storage box with water then Jathan used the sponges to fill some empty water bottles which I'd marked with a Sharpie. We used this opportunity to discuss fractions a little. The bottle is 1/2 full and so on. I want him to be comfortable with math language through his schooling experience so I think it's good to use "big" words and ideas in fun situations.

We later drew fish and I wrote the word "fish" on our black board to practice holding a writing utensil properly (which has proved difficult for my lefty!) and letter recognition.

Jathan totally loved these exercises and never even knew that he was learning. We'll definitely be breaking out the water box again soon, I'm sure!

If anyone has any good ideas for preschoolers, pass them on to me! We love playing and learning.

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