Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Today was a happy day for the kids (and me!) because a package came in the mail full of goodies from Nana and Pappy!

The kids opened it anxiously....

Even Ryland couldn't wait to see what was inside!

I think Jathan was the happiest of all because Nana told him last week that a package was on its way if he'd be a good boy. = )

Keeleigh got a cute little car with candy inside. "I want a Mini Cooper if I decide to get a smaller car," she said. You know, if she decided not to go with a Ford Flex when she turns 16, ha ha!

"Hey, look! You can open it and there's really seats!"

There was even a bag just for me!

Inside was an array of good things including a cute fleur de lis cookie cutter, a cake pan, a whole bunch of jewelry and a birthday card!

Bling-bling! Love my new owl jewelry!

There was something for the baby, too. Nana refers to Ryland as That Baby so she gets to be That Baby #2!

Can't wait to see how these cute headbands look on her!

Hooray for package day!

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