Monday, March 14, 2011

Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick's Day is coming up! Keeleigh recently went to the Saint Patrick's Day parade with some friends but unfortunately it was taking way too long to ever actually get to where they were and they decided to leave. So we missed out on the cabbages and other veggies they toss! Here's hoping we're all able to go next year.

We have put up a little green around the apartment starting at the front door...

Keeleigh caught this little leprechaun at the Mardi Gras parade and he's hanging out of our shelf now. Jathan named him Mr. Moon Pie.

I filled our tabletop urn with gold and green ornaments and some of our green Mardi Gras beads. I love it--it's like my own little pot of gold.

Hopefully since it's Spring Break and I'm determined to stay home as much as possible (ha!), the kids and I will get to do some St. Patrick's Day crafts before Thursday. One idea that I saw online was to fill ice cube trays with water then let your kids add drops of food coloring, mixing and matching and making different color combinations (I think we're going to make a color chart) then you freeze the colored water with popscicle sticks stuck in them. When they're frozen you can use them to paint rainbows.

It's also impossible to miss the giant patches of clovers out in the grass beside the playground. I think we need to go on a four-leaf clover hunt!

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