Saturday, November 19, 2011

24 Days of Thankfulness: Day 19

Today I'm just thankful to have made it to Alabama in one piece. The kids were GREAT travelers. No one cried a bit, not even Piper. The only trouble I had was being so incredibly sleepy. Last night was kind of rough. I sort of waited until the last minute to pack and Piper wanted to be held. A lot. And the boys stayed up later than I counted on. Anyway, it ended up being midnight before I laid down then Piper got up at 3 to eat and Ryland woke up at 5 then went right back to bed. I wasn't able to go back to sleep, however, so I laid there tossing and turning until Piper ate again at 5:30 and Keeleigh rang the doorbell at 6 (she'd been at a lock-in). Fast forward to our trip. Warm car + road noise + really tired Traci = fighting sleep for 450 miles. I actually dozed off at one point and the van started to veer off the road! But, thank God, we made it! Thank You, Lord, for Your hand of protection over us today!

After we arrived we got treated to a Cracker Barrel supper--yea for chicken and rice night! Later I got a text from Jackie that suggested we Skype so I'm also very thankful that the kids and I got to talk to him face to face from half way around the world! How cool is that? Jathan was especially thankful to get to see Daddy. "I miss you, Daddy," he said several times. AWWWWW. Thank You, God, for technology!  It was great to be able to connect.

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