Monday, November 14, 2011

24 Days of Thankfulness: Day 13 (A day late)

I am thankful for a hardworking husband who has a job!

Yesterday was Sunday but Jackie was scheduled to work so we stayed home from church. I'll admit that I am always sad on Sunday-workdays and sometimes even a little resentful but I have to remember that there are so many people who aren't blessed with jobs right now. And this job truly has been a blessing to us. When we moved to New Orleans, Jackie didn't have a job lined up and he put in at least 10 applications over the first month with absolutely no reply. Then one day I wanted to check out Educator, a school supply store I'd heard about, and buy some flash cards for Keeleigh since we'd be homeschooling for the first time. Educator is a little bit like heaven for me; I could spend a million dollars there buying all of the workbooks and educational games but I'm pretty sure we left that day with only the flash cards and a job application. See, in the window they'd displayed a "Help Wanted" sign. Later that week they called him and, without so much as an interview, they asked him if he could start on Monday. We thanked God for work!

Since then his employers have been good to him and our family. They have gladly worked around his class schedule and have given him time off for vacations and when our babies were born. He's not exactly raking in the the dough, but they pay him fairly. At Christmas and throughout the year they've given our kids GREAT gifts including our Melissa and Doug easel and the phonics pad that I'm using with Jathan for preschool this year. I'm also totally jealous because it seems like they quite often have cake and doughnuts in the break room!

I joke with him often about how he's forever in his school bus shirt--it's shown up in a lot of our pictures over the last 3 years! But the truth is that he's either at work or in class 6 days of the week.

I know they must recognize in Jackie a hardworking attitude. He has such a good work ethic and is a natural leader. I'm proud that my husband works hard to provide for his family and that God has blessed his efforts with fruitfulness!

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