Friday, November 18, 2011

24 Days of Thankfulness: Day 18

Tonight I am up late packing for a trip to Alabama and straightening up the house. I've washed two loads of clothes and am about to wash another dishwasher full of dishes after cooking three meals today. I've given three kids baths and gotten one kid out of the bath after he jumped into his brother's bath fully clothed (guess who?). I've done all of this alone because this morning I dropped Jackie off for his trip to Israel. I was missing him before he even left but I'm so thankful that he had this opportunity. I can't imagine the things he'll see and learn; it really is a once in a lifetime experience! It was a blessing that the seminary offers this trip for such a low price and also a blessing that God provided in a very special way financially for us to be able to pay for the trip.

Tonight I'll be lonely in our bed and I'll be waiting anxiously for his next text or call to hear that he landed safely.  But all the while, I'll be thanking God that Jackie is so devoted to his studies and to developing his relationship with God. I'll be praying that he's having fun and that the time passes quickly!

Now, I off to try to dig out the small lid that Jathan managed to get stuck in the sink drain!

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