Thursday, November 3, 2011

24 Days of Thankfulness: Day 3

Today I held Piper on the couch and she made it known that she was ready to eat. Now that she's older, she hugs me and her little mouth searches around making the cutest little excited inhale/exhale sound until I oblige her.Then her little body relaxes and half the time her eyes close as she prepares for her mama's sweet milk. Other times those big beautiful eyes lock with mine and I sit in silent awe of this amazing creation. It was then that I knew what I'd write about today.

I am so very thankful that I'm able to nurse my baby.

I am a huge breastfeeding advocate. It is without a doubt the best food you can feed your baby. The health benefits are innumerable. Breast milk helps to protect your baby from everything from SIDS, disease, and infections as infants to cavities, obesity, diabetes, and allergies as older children and adults. Studies have even shown that breastfeeding your baby can help them have fewer behavior problems as children. It simply produces healthier people! It's good for moms, too; breastfeeding reduces our risk for breast and ovarian cancer. It helps protect us from diabetes and postpartum depression. It literally fills us full of feel-good, just-relax hormones! I believe all of this is true because I know that God designed this liquid gold and it is one of the few foods left untouched today by preservatives and chemical additives. I really could go on and on! Have I mentioned that I'm a huge breastfeeding advocate?

I know, however, that there are some moms who flat out cannot nurse their children. There are some moms who did not have the support or information they needed and gave up. There are some moms who've been deceived by society to believe that formula is just as good and never tried to nurse their children. All of these situations are sad to me not only because I know all of the wonderful health benefits that come along with breastfeeding but also because I've had about a gazillion of these intensely special moments between me and my babies. No, it doesn't happen every feeding and there have definitely been times when I've considered giving up but I can't even describe to you how it feels to have a sweet baby curl into your arms with such need, finding nourishment and comfort. It's as if you become one again. Time stands still when hearts are so close.

Thank You, God, for blessing me with the opportunity to nurse three of my four babies. Thank You for allowing me that extraordinarily special bond with them!

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