Wednesday, November 23, 2011

24 Days of Thankfulness: Days 21, 22, & 23

I'm thankful that know one cares that I'm combining days because I've been so busy and too tired to write at the end of the last few days. = )

Monday Jathan finally got to see his cousins. Ha ha. I laugh because he talks about his cousins so often and had only really met one or two of them when he was a baby. Then then the night that we got here we ran into some of Jackie's cousins at Cracker Barrel and they had their little ones with them so I was like, "Look, Jathan! Your cousins!" Then Monday we visited with Jackie's brother and niece and great nephew. Jathan and Ryland were both just thrilled.

Jathan is definitely thankful for cousins! Wish we got to see them more often.

Yesterday we went to another flea market (my favorite) where you can always find good cheap junk. Mom and Dad treated me to a new antique table and the cutest old yellow egg basket as well as a scarf and another big ole' ring like I always wear. The boys got more toys. (!!!) Keeleigh got excited over a lot of things envisioning them in her new attic space that she's getting in Mom and Dad's new house but only bought a very cool old easel on which she'll display something and a couple of blank canvases for the attic and a peacock ring and some feather earrings.

After that flea market we took my poor dad home who hadn't been feeling well. It later seemed that he'd caught a stomach virus--YUCK! But he stayed home in bed while the rest of us headed off to shop in Chattanooga. Keeleigh picked out some Christmas presents at Forever 21 and she and I both got some cute new boots. After I don't even know how many hours there, we headed back to my parents' house with a quick stop off at Wal-mart to get Jathan another dinosaur egg. It's made of sand and you can use your excavation tools to crack it open and find the dinosaur. He loves them because he's going to be a pawee-entologist when he grows up. = )

We spent about 12 hours out and about yesterday--definitely not something the kids and I are used to. We've been getting into bed earlier than we usually do, though. Which is good and bad because on the one hand we do need the rest but on the other hand I'm missing the window of time when I can Skype with Jackie. We did get to talk last night, though, because he was up early to watch a sunrise. I'm going to pretend I'm not jealous right now.

Today my brother is coming to stay at my parents' house, too, for Thanksgiving and I think we're going to visit Eddie's, a very cool florist that goes ALL OUT decorating for Christmas.

Here's hoping I get day 24 up on time and don't have to cheat. ; )

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