Friday, April 13, 2012

Photo Friday

April 2012, Week 2

Jackie and Keeleigh went to pick up our new (to us) table on Saturday. I was so thrilled to have a nice big table with room for everyone and it came to us 100% free. Thank You, Lord, for Your provisions!

Sunday evening Ryland and Piper were hanging out on the bed with their daddy and the thought occurred to me that we're quite the technologically advance family. Ryland knows exactly how to turn my Kindle Fire on and get a game started! Wonder who he gets that from?

I had rearranged the furniture in our living room on Saturday for a fun switch and also to accommodate our new table. I ended up setting up the dining area near the balcony door and moving the couch. On Monday Ryland discovered how this set up might work to his advantage! Yes, siree, he was busting out of this place and lookin' cool while doing it!

Throughout the week, we've settled into using our big table--it's really quite a change from our old one. We've each tried out different chairs trying to find our place at the table and the kids and I have really enjoyed using it for school. What a joy to spread out!

Yesterday Jackie got a package in the mail. He called the boys to watch him open it because inside was a new Bear Grylls knife! They've been watching Man vs. Wild in preparation for their upcoming camping trip and the knife came just in time. Because you never know if they'll need to build a shelter from downed trees or start a fire with the enclosed flint or skin an alligator. = ) BTW: That's Jackie's serious, Bear Grylls face.

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And today camping day finally arrived! Just the boys went with Jackie (the brotherhood at the church sponsored the trip at a local state park) and he sent me this shot of them after their tent had been erected. 

We girls are going to have a girls night. Keeleigh has invited over a couple of friends and if I can get Piper to agree to it, she and I are going to finish up watching season 1 of Downton Abbey on Roku. Have a great weekend everyone!

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