Saturday, April 21, 2012

Photo Friday

April Week 3

Saturday Piper learned to open the cabinet door. We actually installed child locks on them when Ryland learned to open them as a baby but this one is opened so frequently that it has become loose. Babies love playing in the cabinets so much that I hate to stop her. Look at that grin!

Sunday We went to the Strawberry Festival where we enjoyed some chocolate covered strawberries (along with some other sickly delicious fair food) and the kids rode a couple of rides a piece. Keeleigh's hair was looking fabulous after a spin on the Remix 2.

Monday At the Strawberry Festival--random, I know--Keeleigh bought a pet iguana named Piccolo. We're learning what it takes to raise him and how to tame him. I actually broke down and petted him yesterday. Maybe someday I'll get the nerve to hold him. You know, before he's a 6 foot lizard crawling around our house. = )

Tuesday There was rain drops on the window pane and a storm brewing in the background. I love days like this. What does that say about me?

Wednesday I sat Piper in the baby swing and couldn't believe how big she looked. Her birthday is next month!

Thursday It was a busy day on our balcony. Early that morning the water crew pulled up outside and we watched a guy crawl down in the manhole. Then a firetruck stopped by and we watched the firefighters open the hydrant. Then...

We heard a very loud plane fly over head. "What was that?" Keeleigh asked from the table where she was doing her school work. 

"It was a plane," I told her. When the second plane flew over I remembered reading that the Blue Angels were going to be doing an air show. "Is it the Blue Angels?" I asked Keeleigh who, by this time, was peeking out the balcony door. "Go look, Jathan!" I said.  

Jathan ran to the balcony searching the skies. When he spotting the jets he looked deflated and said, "I thought it was angels." The poor boy didn't have much interest in watching them after that. Real angels would have been a lot more impressive!

Friday Ryland and I enjoyed the cool evening from the balcony.

He picked a couple of beans from Jathan's bean plant.

So, how was your week?

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