Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Putting My Math Goggles On

I was never good at math when I was in school. I got by but I never truly understood many of the things that I supposedly learned according to my diploma.

Now I'm homeschooling Keeleigh and she's beginning to get into some of those math subjects that I struggled with. I have heard of more than one home school mom jumping ship because of this self-same problem. I, however, have been a little excited during math lessons. Why? Because I'm determined not to give up and guess what? I'm really learning some things. (And, yes, I think it's perfectly acceptable to learn right along with your child!)

This morning it hit me.

Remember those visual illusion books that were popular a few years back? You know the ones where if you stare at them long enough a 3D image will pop out at you? Math is just like that. Contrary to how I felt in high school, someone is not dumb when they don't "get" math. It was like I was staring at one of the visual illusion books and all of my friends were going, "Whoa, look at that!" and I was standing back going, "What? WHAT? I don't see it!" *Little* frustrating.

So this morning we were studying proportions and the first time we read through the example problem it just didn't make sense. But then I kept staring and crossed my eyes at just the right angle and bam! The concept popped out at me.

Hooray for small victories!

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